Types Of Boats - Pros & Cons

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Here's How Much Sea Doo Boats Cost

Sea doo boats have become very popular, and there are plenty of brands that manufacture them.


Price is among the most important aspects to consider when looking for a sea doo boat. Sea doo boats with a power output of 50hp to 315hp range from about $7000 to more than $28,000.

Buyers are advised to comb through the different products on the market so that they can make an informed choice. To find a high quality sea doo, you need to be prepared to fork out some extra cash.

Below I'll go over some of the main types of sea doos and their costs:


The Sea-Doo SPARK is one of the most popular sea doos on the market.

The unit is small, lightweight and cheap compared to most products out there. It has been designed with a free construction design and user friendly look that makes it a top choice for buyers. The unit costs around $7000-$8000.


If you are looking for an entry level boat, the SPARK TRIXX is a great option for you.

This model is slightly more expensive than the original. It is designed with poly tech material and weighs around 192 kilograms. The unit boasts an adjustable riser, intelligent brake as well as a reverse bar, and retails for about $10,500.

Yamaha SuperJet

The SuperJet is another great sea doo.

The boat comes with a two-cylinder engine for effective performance. The manufacturer has placed the ride plate in such a manner that it can lengthen the waterline. It is not only lightweight but also has pronounced strakes.

Buyers need to part with around $9800 to acquite this model.

Sea-Doo GTR 230

The Sea-Doo GTR 230 is slightly wider, shorter and lower than most of the brands on the market. The unit is easy to drive and has extra slip for more space.

It is one of the more expensive watercrafts on the market, costing around $12,000 at a minimum.

I've just gone over some of the best sea doo options on the market today. Which one will you choose? Thanks for reading!

How Fast Will A 6HP Outboard Motor Go?

Boaters want an outboard motor that will propel them over the waves. Fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts are enamored by the outboard motor design too.

So how fast will a 6hp outboard go? That depends on a few different factors that need to be considered. Always do the research and buy the correct motor for boating needs.


Experienced boaters know that they need to assemble the right gear for a trip. You'll need to do some preliminary research on the right outboard motor.

Some Facts

Estimates show that a 6 horsepower outboard motor can attain 16.25 miles per hour - that is out on the water during clear conditions. But smart boaters will want to correct for a few simple variables.

The size of the boat is an important consideration to review in time. A small John boat needs very little propulsion to move quickly.

Measure the length of the boat and estimate its weight before leaving; this can influence the top speed of the boat.

Get a head count before leaving from the shoreline in a small boat. Most top speeds for motors are rated with just one person on board, which is perfect for the solitary fisherman hoping to land a catch. More people will weigh down the boat and slow it down as well.

Some boaters may prefer faster speeds and they will have to lighten their loads accordingly. Be careful with how much cargo is taken on board.



The 6 hp outboard motor is popular because it is relatively small in size, is compact, and still generates plenty of power while in use. Boaters can get their gear on board and still have enough space for guests to sit.


The cost of the 6 hp outboard motor is another popular aspect. Brand manufacturers like Yamaha and Honda have showcased the 6 hp outboard motor many times to prove the viability of the outboard motor in a number of settings.

Boaters will want to choose the right brand and model from the manufacturer. Find the motor sold by retailers and online outlets whenever possible. Expect to pay added shipping and handling fees as they might apply to the cost.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you're interesting in owning a kayak, check this out.

Some Essential Boat Building Tools

Boat building is an extremely fun task if anyone is interested to do it by own.

Boat building requires few tolls and huge patience. If you want to vessel your boat for fishing or calm time passing, you can start building it from today. It is one of the most exciting DIY jobs which is fun to do. And the requirement of few tools has made this job easier.

Here I am providing the review of boat plans.

Related image

The first thing you have to do while building a boat is to find out a plan of a particular boat. You will certainly get different designs of boat building from the internet. You have to draw a layout the boat from in your sketchbook with appropriate design.

Then you have to concentrate on arranging tools for boat building. You have to buy tools according to the design of your boat.

While choosing the tools, you have to focus on the quality of the tools. If the tool is pricey, you should spend money on it. If you are looking for cheap stuff, you may not get your desired result from boat building.

Some Must-Have Boat Building Tools

1) Measuring and layout tools

You will need to have a good collection of measuring and layout tools for boat building.

Measuring tools will help you to take the accurate measurement of wood. Without accurate measurement, you can’t build a boat accurately. A few of the most common measuring and layout tools are:

...and so on according to your personal preference.

While buying the rulers and measuring tape, you have to make sure that you are buying both of the measuring tools of the same size. The measurement of each tool should be accurate.

2) Cutting and shaping tools

Choosing cutting and shaping tools is the most important part of boat building.

Every individual has specific requirements and needs of choosing the cutting and shaping tools. It also depends on the flexibility of holding and working.

The budget also plays the important role in choosing the cutting and shaping tools. Some of the common and must have cutting and shaping tools are:

  • Japanese saw
  • back saw
  • jigsaw
  • sander
  • scraper
  • chisel
  • plane

While choosing cutting and shaping tool, you need to be careful about the type of particular tools.

3) Miscellaneous

Apart from the cutting, shaping, and measurement tools, you will also need some tools to finish your work. These tools will provide assistance while building a boat.

Scissors, screwdriver, drill, clams, etc. are some supportive tools for building a boat which you will need also.

So, these are some basic tools for building a boat. With the help of these tools and accurate measurement and drawing, you will be able to build a boat to perfection.